understanding your values





financial architects

At Operii financial Planning our passion is to develop understanding and clarity about our clients’ values, aspirations and what is important to them whether this is material, non material or both. 

We are financial architects using our knowledge, skill and experience to create client centred wealth planning solutions. Being a fee-only, fully independent practice enables us to deliver impartial advice without conflict of interest. 

People are wealthier, and the challenges they face such as increases in the cost of living, changes to interest rates, high taxes and increasing life expectancy means that their wealth needs to work much harder.

Wealth planning addresses the three most critical issues of:
1. Creating, growing, and preserving wealth.
2. Planning for the use of wealth during life.
3. Wealth transfer and control.

Our initial consultation is free. We are prepared to commit our time and knowledge in reviewing your situation to identify whether we can add value.

We area authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.