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the certified financial planner

The Certified Financial PlannerCM licence is the international accreditation for financial planning, It is the benchmark that combines vocational skills with technical expertise.

The licence is reviewed annually, providing that the planner satisfies certain ongoing educational requirements, has no upheld complaints against him or her and continues to abide by a strict code of ethics.

There are four pillars supporting the Certified Financial PlannerCM structure: the four E's.

  • Education - a Certified Financial PlannerCM licencee must achieve a high level of relevant professional accreditionation, such as being a solicitor, accountant or barrister or holding the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate (AFPC) or equivalent.
  • Examination - a rigorous assessment process through the submission of a detailed financial plan which is marked against the CFP standards.
  • Ethics - fiduciary duty to clients, including explicit disclosure of remuneration.
  • Experience - At least three years' relevant experience of financial planning in practice.

Although there are 126,000 CFP qualified planners worldwide, there are currently around 900 in the UK. Operii planners are Certified Financial PlannerCM licencees.

To find out more visit the Certified Financial Planners website, or visit the Certified Financial Planners page on the IFP website