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how we work

We are financial planners and our passion is to help our clients identify, achieve and maintain the life they want without the risk of ever running out of money.

Operii Financial Planning was founded in 2008 with a clear vision and understanding of financial planning, investment excellence and outstanding service in a world where the speed of change is making the future more uncertain.

Just as the Operii would work together to oversee the construction of a classical building, we expect to liaise closely with other professionals; your accountant and your solicitor, in constructing a comprehensive plan for your financial well-being.

We appreciate that no two individuals are the same and drawing from the extensive knowledge and skills of our highly qualified wealth management team, we work with you to develop a custom designed and evolving lifetime financial plan. Once your values and aspirations are clear, we then conduct a comprehensive assessment of your financial resources.

Next, we carefully evaluate the information to enable us to determine your required rate of return and how this compares with the risk you are prepared to accept. From there, we design an investment strategy that will optimise the returns and diversify your portfolio in order to achieve your goals. Our objective is to reduce investment anxiety, bring clarity and see our clients enjoy a successful investment experience.

A thorough understanding of your values and goals, cash-flow modelling tools and a proven academically validated portfolio design process come together to construct a personalised blueprint for your future financial freedom and peace of mind.

Moving forward, personal circumstances are the major factor in any financial and investment plan and as they change during your life, your situation must be continually reviewed and updated to help you achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle.

Our status as a fee-only, fully independent firm is crucial to this mission. Independence ensures that our decision making process yields solutions that serve only the needs and goals of our clients without conflict of interest. With this unclouded view of our clients objectives, and an unlimited choice of planning strategies we are able to resolve complex financial issues.