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administration - simplify your financial life

Where appropriate we will look to consolidate your financial arrangements. Simplifying your financial life is an important part of our service. Provided it can be done without significant tax implications or financial penalties being applied by existing managers, almost always there are advantages for you in this part of the process. You can get a complete picture of your portfolio in one place and paperwork is kept to a minimum.
Investment tax wrappers such as ISAs, pensions, unit trusts and equities can be administered in one place. With our help, your money is directly invested in the investment companies you choose.

Rather than spending your valuable time working out what investments you hold, what they are worth or where they are, your time is spent on what is important to you.

You can view your portfolio at any time of the day or night and download an up-to-the-minute report of your investments.

Family portfolios are linked. The value of all your investments (at the same address) are added together to calculate the ‘total portfolio value’, reducing costs.

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