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portfolio design
tax and estate planning
maintaining the structure





the process is logical and effective





ongoing support

At Operii Financial Planning we are your partner acting as the pillar supporting you in building your wealth and security, and like any building, financial plans require maintenance and care. Your strategy and solutions can continually evolve to tackle emerging and unpredictable events and situations. Part of this service is to ensure you stay disciplined through the inevitable economic uncertainty and ‘media influences’ that can compromise your wealth.

Review meetings
As many of you wish, once a year is usually sufficient. We will contact you well before the meeting to update your information and request details of any changes in your circumstances. This will give us time to be well prepared for your meeting. Following each meeting, our aim will be to send you Minutes and an updated Financial Plan within 48 hours.

Other support
You are welcome to contact us for assistance at any time. Your Certified Financial Planner and our client service team work closely together and you will find that you can rely upon them.