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tax and estate planning

When you plan for long-term growth on your assets, investments and business, the returns should be as tax efficient as possible. Our integrated approach to planning includes a detailed review of your overall financial position and takes account of personal tax and how this affects, for example, the overall investment return that may be achieved.

As part of our review service, together with your accountant and lawyer (or our own expert professionals), we will ensure that you use all available allowances and exemptions to reduce your income tax and capital gains tax wherever possible.

Our knowledge and team approach, not only review investment portfolios, but also assist in the preparation of estate plans.

Estate planning:

You will often be faced with crucial decisions on estate distribution. Many of these issues are of significant concern to our clients and our planning process and experience can help to resolve such problems.

  • We help you understand the hierarchy of planning objectives. The values you place on financial independence, family legacy and social capital legacy lays the foundation for all of your estate planning decisions.
  • We help you define and quantify precisely how much wealth you will need to achieve and maintain financial security for the rest of your life.
  • Wills and trusts describe how your estate will be distributed on your death. We will ensure your wishes are observed by working closely with your other advisers when creating your family financial philosophy.