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portfolio design

Our clients enjoy a successful investment experience. The risk of under-performance through costly stock selection is eliminated. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that they are making smart decisions about their money. 

The stress and confusion of investing has been relieved with a clear and empirical approach to wealth management. 

We see markets as your ally; not an adversary. Rather than try to take advantage of the ways markets are mistaken, we take advantage of the ways they are right – the ways they compensate the long term investor. 

Financial economics over the last 50 years has brought a powerful understanding of the risks that are rewarded and the risks that are not. If no risk is taken, there is little prospect of reward. Successful investing is a matter of identifying the risks that are likely to be rewarded and steering clear of the risks not worth taking.

Drawing on Nobel Prize winning academic and scientific research, our portfolio recommendations are based on asset class investing which has over 30 years of proven performance in the market place. Our clients can relax, knowing their portfolio has been specifically designed to help them achieve their desired lifestyle without exposing them to unreasonable risk. 

Instead of seeking to predict the unpredictable, our clients enjoy a successful investment experience by focussing on the elements they can control – risk exposure, diversification and minimising costs and taxes.

We anticipate that you will have taken some steps towards planning for the future and we would expect to incorporate an evaluation of your different investments in order to maximise your expected returns.